It Is Here 

Color My Soul is here!! Enjoy.


The New CD is finished!! It's called Color My Soul and should be available very soon. Stay Tuned for dates!!!!!! New Pics and music will be uploaded to the site so you can see and hear what is new.

Recording New Album 

I am mixing my new album as we speak. The trouble is...I can't come up with a name. One of the songs on my album is on my myspace page. Its called 'Take The Chill Lane' Let me know if you like what you hear. AND, if you have a suggestion for an album name, send me a message here or on myspace. If I use the name, I will give you credit for it and you will have your name on my album cover, thanking you. Peace Matthew

Join Me On My Space 

Greetings, I have jumped on the My Space Bandwagon!! Please be my friend at: Cant wait to see you there!!

I Pod Users! 

If you like what you hear on my music preview page, you can either buy my cd from the links page and NOW, you can download your favorite songs from iTunes! and Music Net. Soon many others. Check em out!!! Much Love Matthew